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How has your morning been so far? Today I have another super exciting post for you all (as I always do :)) and it is a collab with the lovely Millie from Millie Button. Millie mainly focuses on fashion – especially slow fashion – on her instagram, blog and youtube! She recently hit 1,000 followers on her intsagram and honestly, I’m not surprised; I love Millie’s unique content!

For today’s collab we decided it would be a super fun idea to do a blog post on picnics! As lots of us can’t go on holiday, lots of people are going on social distance picnics with their friends and family so we just thought this would be a really nice post to do.


CHOOSING THE RIGHT FOOD – Food is obviously the main star of any picnic so getting the perfect food is a big part of getting your picnic to be what you want it to be. I recently went on a picnic with two of my best friends and we brought lots of watermelon, cherries and a baguette. They were pretty random choices when you look at them but cherries are our favourite thing so we knew we wanted them! We picked watermelon because of the song watermelon sugar and I mean why wouldn’t you? Okay, so what I mean is pick what food you want and not just any random product you pick up at the shops.

ORGANISATION – I know a picnic is supposed to be stress-free and I know lots of people think that organising is stressful but if you are going for a picnic with your friends, you don’t want to all turn up with crisps and no one turn up with and fruit. I think if you coordinate with your friends what you are bringing. For example: when I went on my picnic with my two friends, I brought NYC cookies, one of my friends brought baguette and the fruit and then my other friend brought some crisps.

LOCATION – I think where you have your picnic really benefits the mood of the picnic so choosing a nice spot for your picnic is really important! It doesn’t have to a super special place but I mean just somewhere with a calming feel or somewhere that makes you happy! I love having picnic’s in a field because I love the smell of grass but that is just my preference; you could have yours in the woods, the beach or even in your backgarden.

MUSIC – If you like music then the perfect playlist is a must! I’m not that into music so my friends made the playlist but it was so lovely to have on just in the background. You could pick a genre you all like and make a playlist on spotify with songs from the genre. Or maybe you all love a certain band or artist, you could listen to their songs on repeat!

PHOTOS & OUTFITS – If you are anything like me and my friends, a photoshoot is a must! We never miss an opportunity to put on a cute outfit and pose in front of the camera! I think photos are such a lovely way to remember a day or an event so I think taking photos at your picnic will be such a nice way to remember your day! If you are taking photos you may want to wear a cute outfit so you look nice in the photos! You might want to coordinate outfits with your friends so you don’t clash because.. just because that would look bad….

That is all of the tips I have for you today on picnic’s but remember this is a collab with the amazing Millie so head over to her blog to read her version of this post! I really hope you liked this post! There will be two more blog posts coming this week including RECIPE OF THE MONTH so watch out for that! But for now, thank you so much for reading! love you!!

QOTB: Do you like picnics?

the blog girl <3xx


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