Today I am going to be combing two lovely little awards into one blog post! As we all know I love a little award so I’m really happy that I’ve been nominated for these two! I thought I would combine them into one post for you guys because I’b be nominating the same people so it just made sense!

I was nominated by the amazing lovely wonderful Catherine from Kitty Jade! She is literally the QUEEN of blogging so I feel so privileged to be nominated by her! She is just so nice and I love her blogs! We recently collabed, this is the post! Thank you Catherine!

The first part is going to be THE SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD! This is similar to the Awesome Blogger Award which I really enjoyed doing! I am going to answers Catherine’s questions now:

  1. Do you have a bullet journal? No, I tried for around 2 days and just totally forgot to fill it in after that, haha! However, I have this little diary sort of thing where it gives me a question a day and it has space for three years of answers which is supper cute!
  2. What goal have you already achieved this year? This is such a good question! This obviously wasn’t one of my goals at the start of the year but when we went into lockdown a goal of mine was to start a blog! And here we are!
  3. How long do you spend writing blog posts a day? I don’t think I’m like a normal blogger who writes around an hour a day, I usually just write when I finish school for the day or when I feel like it. I sometimes only write for around 5 minutes because I’m not feeling it however, like today, I’ve been writing for around an hour and a half!
  4. What does your content schedule look like? Right, I feel like I haven’t answered any of these questions properly, sorry lovlies, but I don’t have a schedule! I like to blog when I do and a schedule would stress me out and on my instagram I post my bakes so I can’t really have a schedule because the posts just depend on when I bake. Although I don’t have a set schedule for my blog, I try to post at least once a week but I try to post twice or sometime tree times.
  5. What does your perfect morning look like? It’d love to be able to wake up at 8 (this rarely happens, it’s usually because apparently I don’t like a lie in??) and be bale to lie in bed and read for around an hour. I’d then get up and have a shower and get dressed because I’m not really a fan of staying in my pyjamas. I’d then grab some breakfast either a pastry of some sort or a smoothie bowl and watch some TV whilst I ate it. Next I would brush my teeth and do m,y hair and maybe go for a short walk. Once I got back I’d spend some time on social media and blogging!
  6. How would you like to spend the next hour of your life? I’d love to finish this blog post, read and spend some time with my family.
  7. What 5 things make you happy? Another lovely positive question! My family, friends, the sunshine, lovely supportive comments and animals!
  8. Early bird or night owl? Both! I don’t like going to bed haha, unless it’s to read and my body wakes me up at around 7 everyday so I guess I’m both! Is anyone else feel like they are both or is it just me?
  9. Net book you plan to read? I am almost finished the book I am currently reading, proud, and I think my next book will be something on my kindle. My Dad bought me a kindle a couple of weeks back for trying really hard with school during lockdown and I got two months free of amazon plus so I’m reading as many books on there as I can! I also suddenly want to re-read ‘Wave me goodbye’ by Jacqueline Wilson although it’s way to young for me now and I have already read it around 5 times!
  10. On average how much sleep do you get per night? It really depends on the night because I find it really hard to get to sleep. I go to bed around 10 and get up at 7 but it takes me around 1 hour sometimes longer to go to sleep so on average I’d say about 8 hours.
  11. What are your plans for the summer? I have 4 main plans: Stay with my grandparents because I’ve missed them so much, spend as much time as possible with my friends -we want to go on a picnic and have some photoshoots! – go on holiday – I have a holiday booked for the last two weeks, fingers crossed I an go – and my last plan is to celebrate my birthday!

That is the ned of the sunshine blogger questions I got asked by Catherine! I really enjoyed answering the questions! My questions will be coming in a sec and then I’ll nominate other bloggers at the end for both awards!


  1. Are you artistic?
  2. What is your favourite aspect of summer?
  3. What 3 things are you most grateful for?
  4. Do you prefer summer or winter?
  5. What is your favourite blogging niche?
  6. Do you have any pets?
  7. What is your dream career?
  8. Are you an introvert?
  9. How long do you spend studying on average per week?
  10. Are you a bookish person?
  11. What would you like to do in the next hour of your life? (I loved this question so I’m asking it to you lovlies also!)

Now onto the second half of this post! Again I was nominated by the QUEEN of blogging Catherine! Thank you so so so much for nominating me for this award to! It honestly means the absolute world to me! This award is such a simple but positive one and I think I love it even more than the sunshine blogger award! I just think it is such a unique award so thank you Xandria for coming up with it!!

THE RULES: The rules are super simple (another reason I love this!) list your 10 favourite feelings!


  1. When someone tells me they are proud of me.
  2. When I get top of the class in an exam.
  3. Rain on my window when I’m going to sleep.
  4. Opening my blinds in winter to see it has snowed.
  5. Seeing a waiter bring me my food in a restaurant after everyone else on my table has theirs.
  6. That popping sound jam jars make when they open.
  7. Pure happiness when everything feels perfect ( a little anecdote here.. my friends and I love doing karaoke, they come round to mine or I go round to theirs and we sing musical songs on the karaoke machines for hours! We each have duets with each other and when I sit and watch two of my best friends sing together a song that we all love, the happiness I feel is honestly the best!).
  8. The sizzling sound hot pans make when they are put in the washing up bowl.
  9. The crunch of autumn leaves.
  10. Being the first one to walk on fresh snow.

AW! That felt so amazing to write! It’s so strange how little things such as those can make you feel on top of the world! Now for some amazing bloggers to be nominated for either or both of these awards! Anyone can do them though, even if you aren’t nominated! You can pick which one you would like to do or you can combine them like I did!


My Little Blog Of Baking

Daisy from Daisy’s Corner

A Teenage Girl

Beth Lucy from Bethlucyblogs

Meghan from Meghan’s Teen Life

That’s all for today’s blog! Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed to little awards! One final thank you to Catherine!

QOTB: What is your favourite feeling?

the blog girl <3xxx

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