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DAY IN MY LIFE (+ what I eat in a day)


Welcome or welcome back to my blog! I’ve been wanting to do a ‘day in my life’ blog for the longest time but most days I forget to take pictures throughout the day or I just have a pretty boring day (not saying that today wasn’t boring aha) but I remembered to take photos today so here we are writing this post. Today is really focused on my school work (as is every week day :() and physics revision as I have my first ever mock tomorrow (I’ll will have had it when this goes live). Also for anyone wondering today is Monday the 25th and this blog will go live on Friday to 29th so this was written 4 days before you see it, did that make sense? I’m really confusing myself so let’s must get on into the post.

06:55 – today I woke up at 06:55, I never set an alarm because I always wake up in the range of 06:45 to 07:15 (I’m not sure how? My body just must know the time) which is when I need to wake up. Because of lockdown, I’m working in the house all day by myself because my parents work for the NHS and my sister goes into school as a key worker child so I decided to read until 07:30 whilst everyone else was in the shower and getting breakfast. I am currently reading ‘the girl who came out of the woods’ by Emily Barr and I am hooked. I read for half an hour before getting up, going in the shower and getting ready for the day.

08:00 – my parents and sister left the house and I got some breakfast. For breakfast I has a bowl or rice krispies with dried cranberries and a glass of orange juice. I love having a glass of fruit juice on a morning because not only does it make me feel energised, it counts as 1 of my 5 a day! Once I had made my breakfast, I replied to some DM’s and commented on some posts before turning on the TV and watching the end of ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – PS. I Still Love You’ (I had 25mins left!). TALTBIL is honestly my favourite feel good film ever and I love number 2 as well – no one understands my excitement for the final movie to come out!

08:30 – After I finished my breakfast I washed my bowl and glass and went to brush my teeth. Then I did a little bit of make up (literally concealer and blush) which was a bit of a surprise because I literally never wear makeup unless I’m going out which obviously isn’t happening at the moment but I just really felt like putting a bit on so I did.

08:45 – I started school work at 08:45 just like I would if I was at school because I find sticking to my timetabled school day really helps. I checked my emails to see if my tutor had sent us anything to do which he had so I watched an virtual assembly on the holocaust. This finished at 09:10 which was when I started my geography work. I actually had double geography and I was doing about volcanoes and the effect they have on differently developed countries – geography is my favourite subject so I didn’t mind that I had to do 2 hours of it.

11:15 – At 11:15 I finished my geography and grabbed a snack because this would normally be my breaktime in school. I had a mug of almond coffee which is my go to drink at the moment – not even going to lie I’m probably a bit obsessed – and I had two kiwi’s. Since I got my braces, which is over a year ago now, kiwi’s have been my favourite fruit because they are really soft and I can eat them even when my braces have just been tightened and they are quite painful. I always have two because I need food to fuel my brain until lunch and two counts as one of your five a day because they are quite small fruit. During my fifteen minute break I submitted my geography homework over google teams and did a little get to know me on my close friends story.

11:30 – I started my school work again. First I had French which I was learning new vocab about the environment and then I had maths which I was doing shading inequalities on a graph – my maths was quite difficult however I managed to get it all done just before 13:30.

13:30 – At half past one I broke for my lunch. I was planning on heating up some left over paella from Sunday night however I felt quite sick so decided to have some spaghetti hoops on toast (yes I am a toddler at heart) with cucumber as a bit of comfort food. I also drank a glass of water. I spoke to my Dad on the phone for about 10 minutes and he gave me some advice on how t calm my nerves for my physics mock because I think that was why I was feeling sick and then I ate my lunch whilst I watched 20 minutes of ‘The Supervet’.

14:15 – I washed up the pan and my plate from lunch and went back up to my bedroom for the last lesson of the day which was a revision type physics lesson for my test.

15:15 – I stopped school for the day and submitted all my work via google classroom and started to revise all the equations I need to know for my exam! At this point I was quite stressed and just couldn’t seem to remember any of the equations despite revising them all of Sunday so I ended up revising for around an hour. My Mam and sister came back home at this time.

16:15 – I had a little break from my revision and watched 20 minutes of Thursday’s episode of Junior Bake Off with my sister (yes we are a bit behind…) before going back upstairs to do yet more physics revision. Whilst I was on my break I also had a slice or carrot cake that I made for my Mam’s birthday last week which gave me some energy to continue working.

17:00 – My Dad arrived home from work so I stopped revising and we all went on a mile and half walk just to clear our heads and get outside in the fresh air – we do this most days. When we got home it was around 17:45 and I decided to revise for another 30 minutes whilst the tea was cooking. For anyone wondering I use a site called quizlet to revise because you can make online flashcards and then there are loads of different ways to use them to revise – I made a set with all the equations and what they calculated to help me revise.

18:15 – I had tea at around 18:15. For tea my Mam and sister had made a pesto lasagne for meat-free Monday and it was delicious! We also had pesto and tomato tear and share bread and a bowl of salad as sides. It was actually super nice and there was a little left so I had it for lunch the next day! Once I finished my tea I went back upstairs to revise some more physics and then I asked my Dad to test me.

20:00 – I watched a programme called (then can’t remember what it’s called)…. but basically it’s about two men (Ewan McGregor and Charley someone…I am so bad at this) and they are motorbiking from London to New York but going east through Russia and Kazakhstan and its actually so interesting but really funny as well because they are such good friends and it is basically just a holiday for them so your kind of watching their holiday (not in a weird way) but they decided to make it a programme of it – I do recommend it, it’s on apple TV.

21:30 – I actually went upstairs and put on my pyjamas, brushed my teeth and did my skincare because I’d been working for the majority of the day I decided to have an early night. I got into bed and bed and the read till 22:15 and then I went to bed πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed that little day in my life πŸ™‚ I’m thinking of doing a few more of these because this was quite fun so if you enjoyed this leave a little comment and I can do some more of them!

QOTB: Do you have a typical routine you try to stick too?

the blog girl <3xxx


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