How are you? If no one has asked you this today just have a chance to think about how your feeling? My internet best friend messages me every morning (you know who you are) ‘how are you? xx’ and it makes my morning so much brighter so just take a minute to consider your feelings right now. As for me I’m listening to Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Evermore’ and it is so good!! I think I like it even more than Folklore, which was my favourite album so yeah its good hehe.

Today I bring you a collab post with a Catherine, the owner of Cath Jane Blogs. Catherine is honestly my favourite blogger EVER!! She is currently doing blogmas which I admire so much (I couldn’t manage this year with all my studying) and I’m really enjoying all her content. She recently did a face reveal on her Instagram -I’ll link that HERE– and I am so proud of her for it. And she has an adorable cat called Pikachu who honestly melts me heart. I’ll link her blog HERE.

Now onto the main body of the post…. Catherine suggested we both write 50 things you can do in winter for our collab and I really loved the idea because even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, the post is still relevant to you. I think list style posts -like this and 101 stocking fillers- are my favourite style of posts, what is your favourite style of post I write? Let me know in the comments so I can create more of that style of post for you. Okay I think I’ve waffled sufficiently for the start of the post so I’ll give you the list you clicked on the post for:


  1. Make gingerbread
  2. Watch Christmas films
  3. Wrap up in a blanket
  4. Read a book
  5. Go on a winter walk
  6. Make snow angels
  7. Have a hot chocolate
  8. Go on a winter photo shoot
  9. Start your own blog
  10. Decorate a Christmas tree
  11. Make snowflakes using paper
  12. Send a Christmas card to someone in a care home
  13. Go shopping
  14. Start a scrapbook
  15. Binge a TV series (for me this is Gossip Girl because it is being taken of Netflix on December 31 and I’ve only just started season 3)
  16. Knit a scarf
  17. Cook a family meal
  18. Have a bonfire in your back garden
  19. Donate to a food bank
  20. Have a games night
  21. Do a jigsaw
  22. Write a note to someone telling them how grateful you are for them
  23. Have a pyjama day
  24. Bake sugar cookies
  25. Make paper chains
  26. Create a winter playlist
  27. Have a snowball fight
  28. Start thinking of new years resolutions
  29. Have a bubble bath
  30. Re-arrange your room
  31. Dance around your room for no reason
  32. Go out for lunch
  33. Tidy out your wardrobe
  34. Listen to a new album
  35. Go ice skating
  36. Go stargazing
  37. Shop in the holiday sales
  38. Build a bonfire
  39. Go sledging
  40. Strat a journal
  41. Have a games day
  42. Make Christmas themed snacks
  43. Write to Santa
  44. Karaoke night
  45. Snuggle under a blanket
  46. Make snow angels
  47. Take a long shower
  48. Spend some time with your pet
  49. Go carolling (I’m not 100% sure if this is allowed this year but maybe in tier 1 or 2 areas??)
  50. Make s’mores

So there you go!! 50 things to do this winter!!! I hope you’ve found some things you’d like to do; I think having a hot chocolate is top of my list hehe. Remember this a collab with Catherine so if you would like some more ideas for things to do this winter of you just want to read an AMAZING blog then I’ve linked Catherine’s blog HERE. You’ll all love her content!!

QOTD: What do you really want to do this winter?

the blog girl <3xxx

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Hi! I'm the blog girl and this is my blog! I share things food, lifestyle and positivity related in the hope to make someone smile :)


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