Welcome or welcome back to my blog!! Thank you for all the likes and comments on last weeks blog post; it really means a lot to me! AND WE ARE ALMOST AT 100 FOLLOWERS!!! How crazy is that! Just wanted to start today’s post by thanking you all because every little interaction you make really does make me smile especially at the moment when I am trying so hard to bring you weekly content.

I thought it’d be really nice to do a ‘what I would like for christmas this year’ blog post so you guys can see what I’d like (might help you to see what type of things I like hehe), to give you a few more ideas for presents and so I can look back on this next year and see what I asked for; a little bit like a post for me to document what I’d like so I can come back on comment on it later in my life ahah!

It’ll be quite a short post as my list isn’t that long but I just want to say before I get into the list that I haven’t asked just one person for these things, it includes everything I’ve asked for from Santa :), my grandparents, my aunties and uncles and my friends (if my friends are reading this and need some present ideas for me, here you go) and I don’t expect to get everything on my list.


  • Guinea pigs – this is my TOP present!!
  • A new necklace
  • This jumper from Urban Outfitters
  • The Little Women DVD
  • A tripod & ring light
  • Cinnamon hot chocolate
  • ‘Tommy Girl’ perfume
  • Nadiya Hussain’s new recipe book
  • Plants
  • Fairy lights
  • This wicked print
  • Noel Fitzpatrick’s newest autobiography
  • Chocolate (I always get orange smarties:)

And that’s my list (I think I’ve written everything but knowing me I’ve definitely forgotten to put something on)!

I’m sorry for today’s post being a bit shorter but my past posts have been kind of long so I’m trying to balance the lengths out a little bit. On that more make sure you check out my last three christmas log posts which I’ll link at the end of this post so you can find them easier 🙂

QOTB: What is number 1 on your christmas list this year?

the blog girl <3xxx


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