Why I started my blog! 💻❓

Hello angels!

Welcome to or welcome back to my blog!💗

Thank you for the love on mone and Sophie’s blog! And for the love on my Q&A blog , I’m really happy you enjoyed learning a bit about me! ☺️One of the questions I got asked a lot so I’ve decided to write a blog answering that question specially!

I guess when you start a blog everyone wants to know why you’ve started it so here is why I started mine! 🤪

I’m going to start right from the beginning when the idea of the blog first got planted in my head. Now I know I’ve talked a lot about girl online and you are probably like ‘yeah yeah whatever it’s just a book ‘ but this book planted the idea of a blog in my head. Tbh with you I never really wanted to read girl online; it was always way to over read for me but I borrowed it from school none the less and it only took me the first blog post to be totally into the book! I love the way Zoe writes the blogs! They just have that perfect flow and they are so emotional. 📖

When i’d finished the book, I discussed it with one of my friends who is equally as into it as I was. We talked about how cool it would be to actually have a blog. However, I thought no one would read it or people would think I was silly for starting it so in my mind I had already decided I wasn’t going to start my own but it was still fun to talk and fantasise about. The conversations helped the seedling grow so thank you so much Paige! You played a big part in this. 💬♥️

During lock down I started to feel a bit lonely and slightly down which is when I decided I wanted to start my blog. 😔The though of starting a blog had been niggling at the back of my mind for a while now obviously but lock down just gave me the match to start the fire that would become my blog! 🔥 Of course I was extremely nervous that people wouldn’t like it but I wanted to do it so I did and here we are!😌😌

I’m sorry this blog post is kind of short but that is the story so there you go!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! There will be more posts coming soon and I’m so sorry there not being any for ages! 😚

QOTB: What is your favourite genre of my blog? (what a weird question)! What I mean is do you like food or lifestyle? Or would you prefer challenged and productivity? 🤪

the blog girl ❤ xxx

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Hi! I'm the blog girl and this is my blog! I share things food, lifestyle and positivity related in the hope to make someone smile :)

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