Hello everyone!

Welcome or welcome back to my blog! I hope you liked my last post about why I started my blog, if you haven’t read it (you need to!) it should be linked at the bottom of the post!

Today I thought I’d share my top 5 favourite blogs to spread some positivity. Spreading postivity is one of my favourite things to do on the internet as the internet often is associated with negativity so I like to use my blog to contradict that!


  1. BEST SMOOTHIE RECIPES / 50 THINGS I’M GRATEFUL FOR – these two blog post are written by the lovely Sophie from Sophie’s corner (link to other blog posts here!). I couldn’t just pick one post from Sophie’s blog because I love all her blogs too much but these are my two current favourites. I love the smoothie blog as I absolutely adore (ooo, that was alliteration, my English teacher would be proud) smoothies! I eat a lot of fruit anyways but I just love a smoothie as it is a really easy way to have two or maybe even three of your five a day in one yummy drink! I’ve also been loving smoothies bowls for my breakfast recently! I love Sophie’s ‘things I’m grateful for’ post as it spread so much positivity and it made me really appreciate the smaller things in life!
  2. ULTIMATE SELF CARE DAY GUIDE – for my second favourite blog post I have chosen is this wonderful blog written by the equally wonderful Meghan from Meghan’s teen life (link to other blogs here!). I loved this post when I read it because it made me think about myself. I always try to make everyone around me as happy as I can and don’t really think about me that often. I know that making other people, online and offline, happy makes me happy so I try my hardest. However, I loved Meghan’s post because it made me think about me and how I need to try and make time for me which I really liked!
  3. I FOUND THE PERFECT COOKIES RECIPE! – this blog is a recipe blog by the amazing Grace from Grace Ariya (link to other blogs here!). Since I started my blog, Grace has been a real inspiration to me! I love her instagram so much and her blog layout is just the cutest! Grace recently started a bake with me challenge over on her instagram and week one was these cookies! Now, I’d only ever really used one cookie recipe before these because me and my family loved it but I decided to try the recipe as part of the challenge! And I have to agree with Grace that they are the perfect cookie recipe! I also love how adaptable they are! I had dark chocolate in half of mine and smarties in the other and I saw some people even put strawberries in!!
  4. THE POSITIVITY PROJECT – this was a series of blog post hosted by the lovely Emily from Emily M (other blogs linked here!). They were designed to make people feel happy and was a seven day guide! I loved this series as I thought it was a perfect way to use the internet! If you follow me over on my instagram then you will know that I really enjoyed taking part in Emily’s project! Each day she set a brief about what to do for that day (e.g Mindfulness Monday) and you completed a task that fit in to the brief! I loved how flexible the briefs were so you could do something that fitted you!
  5. MY ADVICE ON STAYING PRODUCTIVE IN QUARANTINE (+ MENTAL HEALTH TIPS!) – this post is written by the talented Imaan from imaanazisblogs (link to other blogs here!). I only recently started reading Imaan’s blog and I love her style so much! This blog post is my favourite of hers because I think she has some really good tips that really helped me! My favourite tip is start with what you love because it really sets you up for the day!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite blogs and have decided to give some of them a read! I have generally really enjoyed writing today’s post as I love giving other bloggers credit for how hard they work!

I also wanted to say that I have given my page a makeover and I am so happy with the results! I think that page looks a lot more pleasing now and I hope it attracts more people to read my blog!

QOTB: Who is your favourite creator? (They can be a blogger or anyone of instagram!)

the blog girl <3xxx

Published by the blog girl <3

Hi! I'm the blog girl and this is my blog! I share things food, lifestyle and positivity related in the hope to make someone smile :)

19 thoughts on “MY TOP 5 FAVOURITE BLOGS!

  1. thankyou so much for mentioning me, megan!! i really appreciate this and it means so much to me! you’re so sweet ❤ i love your blog posts too and I LOVED collabing with you – we'll definitely have to do it again sometime! i hope you had a lovely weekend, take care xx

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  2. Thank you so much for mentioning me Megan ☺️ You’re so kind, supportive and an amazing blog friend. I love reading your posts and all of the blogs you mentioned too! 💕

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  3. Great post and blog! I followed you and I would love you to check out my blog! I think my favourite blogger is Ash. Do you know about her?

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